About Us – Key Person Insurance

Who makes the business successful? As a business proprietor you must know the right people in your company whom you can truly trust. They are the people who comprise the success of your business.

Key person insurance is a type of insurance intended to anticipate contingencies, that’s why Key Person Insurance Australia is here to protect your company’s interest from losing one of the most important employees in your company to an extended business structure deficiency or even the loss or death of an essential employee. It is one of the essential factors where the failure or success of the company is measured.

Our commitment

Wealth Protection Australia (WPA), a key person insurance specialist, is committed to consistently deliver a modern process and holistic approach in the market of professional financial services.

WPA however identifies the flexibility and the adaptability of the advice process to match client needs in any particular circumstances.

Application Process for key person insurance

  • We assess your needs

We want to get to know you prior to giving you the advice. We want you to tell us your story to help us gauge all your financial planning objectives and goals. The full scope on our advice is provided but we let you decide on the scope of advice we offer.

  • Research the market place

We request for an ample time to search on the market place for the most appropriate products and financial strategies that will meet your needs. Once research is completed, you will be called upon by a Financial Advisor.

  • Communication

Communication is the key. It’s a beautiful process. During the times when we are not contacting you in person,  WPA aims to always deliver a clear, concise, easily understood, regular, timely and particularly mindful steps. This happens throughout the advice process.

  • The Holistic Approach

WPA oversees the completion of the process during our service assistances. To maintain this holistic approach, we dedicate our service to offering and delivering something that coincides with your requirements, expectation and needs.

Just before so you speak, WPA understands its individual clients’ need; therefore we have a wide range of tailored fit insurance products to choose from to suit your requirements.